The Carbon Schuylkill Community Theater

local theater with a Broadway flair

General Meeting 9/4/11

On the 4th we held our general membership meeting and new officers were announced:
President-Jonathan Rodgers
Treasurer-Marissa Miller
Secretary- Josiah Behrens
Executive Members- Barb Maloney, Zane Bachert
We had 20 people vote in our on-line elections and 10 people were at our meeting with another 12 who contacted saying they were out of town or just not able to make the meeting.
Board meetings will be held the first Sunday of each month (please send any questions, concerns, or interests to Jonathan by the last Friday of each month so he can bring it to the board members)!  General Membership meeting will be held quarterly on the first Sunday of the month and is open to general public, voting members and potential members.  The next general membership meeting will be the 4th of December at 6pm.